Chief Parts - Bolt-on Parts
Grease zerk, straight
Grease zerk, angled
Instrument panel, polished aluminum, '38-'47
Instrument base plate, 41303
Number plate bracket, chromed or black powder-coated
Front Fender, '36-'39
Rear Fender, '36-'39
Front fender, skirted, repro, steel
Rear fender, skirted, repro, steel
Fender trims, front or rear, set for 1 fender, plastic, chromed, self glueing
Fender trims, alu, front or rear, set for 1 fender
Bumper bar, rear, chromed, 75591
Fender braces, rear, chromed, pair
Fender tip, front, chromed aluminum
Fender tip, rear, chromed aluminum
Screws for fender trim, set of 16 for one fender
Chain guard, '36-'39
Chain guard, '40-'47
Tool box with lock + rubber gasket
Tool box rubber gasket
Seat, solo, different colours and qualities
Buddy seat
Buddy seat helper spring assembly
Seat pan
Seat bracket, 233004
Seat post assembly
Spring set for seatpost
Side stand, '32-'39
Side stand, '40-'47
Side stand, '48, at front engine bolt
Stand, rear, '32-'39, with bushing and springs
Latch, for rear stand, '32 -'39
Stand, center, specify year
Spring holder for center stand, '46-'51, 811001
Latch for center stand, '40-'45, 42906
Gear shift knob, polished aluminum, silver insert
Gear shift lever, chromed, '37-'53, right side
Gear shift lever, chromed, left side
Gear shift rod, chromed
Gearlever, '32-'37, type also for later models, direct at gearbox tower
Clutch rod, chromed
Brake rod, front or rear, chromed
Clevis for brake- and clutch rods
Pin for clevis
Brake pedal, chromed
Clutch pedal
Bushing and bolt for brake pedal
Footboards, rubber covered, pair
Footboard cleats, each
Footboard rubbers, '28-'39, set
Footboards for rigid frame Chief, with rubbers, set
Footboard extensions, aluminum, pair
Footrests, for rear passenger,
'32 -'39, set
Luggage rack, '32-'39
Luggage rack, cast iron, black coated
Luggage rack, chromed aluminum
Brake/clutch pedal rubber set, 3 rubbers
Exhaust pipes, stainless, 1930's
Exhaust pipe, chromed, 3-piece, '40-'45
Exhaust pipe, chromed, '46-'51
Muffler, chromed, '40 - '51
Muffler, rigid Chief
Crash bar, front, with straight horn bracket, bare steel
Crash bars, rear, bare steel
Clamps for front crash bars, each
Saddle bags, look good on bikes from the '20s and '30s 
Saddle bags, heavy leather, black with rivets
Fork Bags, round, black, thick leather

Many more small parts in stock! Please contact us!

I will make no price updates anymore as my purchase prices rise and have become unpredictable.

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