Chief Parts - Engine
Pistons, complete with rings and pins: Std, .010, 020, 030, 040, 050, 060, set
Cylinder Liners
Cylinder heads, '44-'48, pair
Connecting rod races, set of 3
Connecting rods, new, with races
Pair Cams with shaft and pinion gear
Camshaft, front
Camshaft, rear
Bushing for camshaft, in crankcase, 40455
Bushing, STD, front cam in timing cover, 38106
Bushing with liner, rear cam in timing cover, 40474, STD or Oversize
Gear, oil pump drive, No. 101029
Gear, distributor drive, No. 101030
Valve, best quality, each
Valve guide
Valve guide, '35-'37, each
Valve spring
Valve keepers, pair
Valve Covers, '36-'38, chromed
Valve covers, chromed, '39-up, set of 4
Pushrods, std size and oversize available
Pushrod screw and nut
Roller and rivet for cam followers, price for one roller with rivet
Shafts for cam followers. Std or oversize, each
Disc, sump valve, important function, 41530
Oil pump gears, return pump, '38-'47, set of 2 
Oil line nipple, straight, oil pump right side, 41819 or 41818
Oil line terminals at oil pump, various
Oil line terminals with tube, in tank, various
Drain plug for oil tank
Oil Drain Cock
Oil filter in tank
Oil lines, set of 2
Clip, oil tank breather tube, D29765 (2 needed)
Oil line nuts, 2 sizes
Oil line nipples, 2 sizes
Breather tube with round plate at timing cover
Breather line, tank to ground
Plug screw, oil control + drain
Plug screw, oil control + drain, with magnet
Plug, timing hole + primary chain cover, No. 661003

Many more small parts in stock! Please contact us!

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