Chief Parts - Generator
Generator with regulator, replacement 6 or 12 Volt
Armature, new, 6 Volt
Armature, new, 12 Volt
Field coils, 6 Volt, set
Field Coils, 12 Volt, set
Regulator, 6 Volt or 12 Volt, repro
Pulley, big, at engine
Pulley, small, at generator
Drive sprocket, generator, complete with shaft and rivets
Belt, cogged
Guard, generator belt, '36-'39
Guard, generator belt, '40-'53
Band, slim for cutout, with tag riveted
Band, wide for regulator, bare steel
Band, wide for regulator, stainless steel, highly polished
Bracket, '40-'53, No. 75537 - or other models
Bracket, '32-'39 

Many more small parts in stock! Please contact us!

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