Chief Parts - Ignition Parts
Distributor cap
Rain bonnet for distributor
Distributor, Tag and Rivets
Clip, distributor, each
Terminal screw for wire, complete
Ignition points
Bracket, angled, for breaker points screw, No. 101559
Breaker cam and shaft, No. 101562
Bushing, Distr. shaft, each
Sleeve, distributor mounting, 41373
Gear, distributor drive, No. 101030
Cup, distributor grease, chromed
Nipple, distributor grease, chromed 
Clamp, long, on distributor, chromed, No. 102972
Clamp, distributor, fixed on oil pump, chromed, No. 100622
Control wire clamp, complete, 635004
Tube for ignition wires, chromed
Guard for spark plug, INDIAN script, chromed, No. 160044
Coil, 6 Volt or 12 Volt
Battery box, "Fillrite", world's best
Battery clamp
Base plate for battery, '40-'53
Base plate for battery, '35-'39

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