Chief Parts - Carburetor + Tanks
Float, brass
Float, Cork
Float, modern plastic
Manifold, complete with seal rings + nuts
Manifold gasket
Nut on manifold, chromed
Sealing ring on manifold
Screws, manifold to carburetor each
Float bowl
Nut, the big one under the float bowl, 102424
Plug, bowl cover
High speed needle with knurled knob, 102619
Low speed needle with knurled knob, 102620
Venturi 74
Choke shaft
Stop, choke shaft, 102443
Cam, choke shaft, 102440
Choke disc
Throttle disc
Throttle shaft
Lever on throttle shaft, 102432 with screws
Control wire clamp, complete, 635004
Bushes for throttle shaft, set of 2
Petcock, modified, leak proof, with filter
Petrol line, short, for use with filter, or long, for use without filter
Petrol filter, close to original, with elbows
Elbow, petrol line to filter, 418001 
Elbow, filter to carburetor, 417001
Filter unit, inside petrol filter, modern system, set
Tanks, new repro, set, '40 -'53
Tanks, new repro, set, rigid frame
Tank cap, gas
Tank cap, "OIL"
Decals for tanks, Indian headdress, gold or multi colored with red face, set
Decals for tanks, brown, multi colored 1930's, set
Tank Badges, Indian script, '47 - '51, Set
Gasket, tank caps
Felt ring, for absorbing overflow, each
Air cleaner, "Raceway" with "INDIAN" script, round each
Airfilter, center screw
Air filter cover, "INDIAN" script like in the '30s, polished aluminum
Air filter, Teardrop, "INDIAN" script, bigger than above, aluminum, with mesh

Many more small parts in stock! Please contact us!

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