Scout 741 Parts - Wheels + Brakes
Rim, bare steel, new repro
Spokes, bare steel, with nipples, set for one wheel, with chromed Nipples
Center axle, front, with 2 castle nuts 
Center axle, rear, with nut
Fishtail washer for chain adjustment, No. A17350, each
Bearing, tapered, as original, each
Felt washer, each
Retainer for felt washer, each
Hollow axle, front
Hollow axle, front, complete with all nuts and lockwasher
Hollow axle, rear
Hollow axle, rear, complete with all nuts and lockwasher
Hub, front
Hub, front, complete with drum
Hub, rear
Hub, rear, complete with drum
Brake cam, front or rear
Brake drum, front or rear
Brake shoes, complete with linings, set of 2. 
Springs, for brake shoes, each
Brake Rod, front or rear, zinc plated or chromed, each
Brake lever, on brake cross shaft
Brake Cross Shaft
Brake lever, at front wheel, chromed
Brake lever, at rear wheel, chromed
Rear brake arm anchor clip 44349, chromed
Brake Plate, front
Brake Plate, rear, new repro

Many more small parts in stock! Please contact us!

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